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My fiance and I love video games. I especially love role playing games that let me choose what kind of personality my characters have. Games like InFamous, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (my favorite), Mass Effect, and Dragon Age let the player choose from different responses when asked questions, to kill innocent people or let them live, and who to fall in love with.

Growing up, I loved the “choose your own adventure” books for the same reason I love these video games. I got so into the story and instead of reading about some character, I was reading about myself. My favorite was The Magic of the Unicorn. (I’m such a nerd)

Some people say video games are stupid and for kids. But now with consoles like the Wii and upcoming motion controls for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, those who used to shun video games are jumping around their living room swinging tennis rackets and pretending to bowl.

But it doesn’t stop there! The games I mentioned above really test your emotions and morals. Would you choose to be good or evil?

Heavy Rain is coming out in two weeks and we are very excited about it. This game is about a father who loses his son. The tagline is, “How far are you prepared to go to save someone you love?” This game is difficult to classify because it is so original, but I think most would say it’s an “interactive drama.” At least that’s what wikipedia says. It’s a true “choose your own adventure” in gaming, but so much more in depth.


 You should really click here to read about it more. You may want to get a PS3 just to play it!!

What are your favorite “choose your own adventure” books or video games?


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Not really. But I think it’s my best poem. I wrote it about two years ago in college, the first poem I wrote for poetry class.  I like to rhyme and I like to be whimsical. I guess that’s how I’d describe my poetry style. Fiction is a bit different. Right now, I’m going for a dark, gothic fantasy–we’ll see how it goes.

How would you describe your personal style?

Here’s my poem–


Crumpled, mottled, much besottled,

his one good leg is weak and wobbled.

On vehicles of air and swings and plastic metal rods and things.

Treasure finding x-ing punning shoving falling crying running .

Elements of ice cream candy and perhaps a sneak of brandy

Applebeard has found the golden popcorn Lego chest of olden!

He ran inside to tell the ‘rents to hurry! Set up the quarter tents!

And for his amazing ‘gents a feast of grating elegance.

Though his mother clasped and begged, captain and crew ordered tartlet dregs

And turkey legs to fly.

But this is moshing through the mire, and after which, they shall retire.

Applebeard, before he fell flat, sneered at all who dared to leer at,

Replaced the honored, tricorne hat and tossed his leg into the fire.


I forgot to mention that this poem is published in the 2008/2009 edition of “The Reflector,” they Shippensburg University literary journal. The same journal in which Dean Koontz was published  back in the 60s!

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You’ve seen it before: a man and a woman meet in the middle of a stone bridge overlooking a softly babbling river. Their eyes meet and they kiss, the woman dropping the leaf she was twirling into the water.

Why are bridges so romantic? And not just the picturesque bridges found in a garden or a park, but even big bridges made of steel. What’s so romantic about a bridge?

Is it that it connects two areas of land that were otherwise separate and lonely? Is it that a strong, solid bridge, hiding a torrent below, perfectly represents a relationship: strong and solid like the bridge, but with passion, anger, jealousy (and other crazy emotions) bubbling below?

China’s Rainbow Bridge

photo: wikipedia.org

Paris’ Pont Royal–apparently this is a good bridge for proposals!

photo: wikipedia.org

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I went to the movies today and saw Avatar in 3D. The movie was so incredibly beautiful. Everyone likes stuff that glows in the dark, and all the plants and flowers in Pandora glowed in the dark. Can’t you remember holding stuff under the lamp and then turning off all the lights and watching it glow? I’m wearing glow in the dark nail polish right now!

The storyline brought Pocahontas to mind. I’ve seen the Disney version and The New World-that’s the extent of my Pocahontas knowledge. But I did learn in school that John Smith exagerrated on his story.

John Smith goes to the indigenous folk, Pocahontas teaches him their language,all about her people, how important the land and animals are, and they fall in love. She even protects him when her people want to kill him! Anyways, the story was good, but that’s not what really made the movie in my opinion, it was the quality of the cgi, the explosions, robots, and flying ships, the acting, and the imagination of James Cameron.

Am I the only one who thought of Pocahontas?

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Strike up an interesting conversation! And if you don’t like to talk to people, eavesdrop. People talk about everything all the time! Go to a coffee shop and pretend to write your book/story/poem and listen to others chat. Buy one of those super sonic hearing devices that make everything really loud and if people start to suspect you, just start talking to yourself like you’re on you’re blueteooth. People do it all the time! Then turn the conversation into a little dialogue. Play around with it and add your own twist to it and make it more interesting. I didn’t add any kind of twist to the following, because I just think it’s so cute! It’s a conversation I had with my 6-year-old brother earlier today. I haven’t seen him since June because he lives a few states away. 

Artie:  Homestarrunner! Spell it out for me.

I tell him each letter and specify,”one bump, up down up for n’s and two bumps, up down up down for m’s.” Finally, he types in the full address and exclaims, I did it!

He spells out the names of the cartoons and games he wants me to click on, and after some frustrating communication problems and laughter, we enjoy them together.

You wanna talk to mom? Alright, hold on. Hi, Sam! he says to me, in a high voice. It’s mom!

“Hi, mom,” I say to him, knowing that it would take him a while to admit it if I accused him of joking around. “I want to talk to you mom, about Artie. Can I tell you a secret?”

Yes, Sam, you can tell me, he answers in a screechy voice, the same voice he uses to imitate my other brother, who has a deep voice.

“Alright, Mom, but don’t tell him. Artie smells really bad–”

No, he doesn’t.

“He stinks, Mom. You should really make him take a bath once in a while.”

He doesn’t stink! Artie says, his disguised voice cracking as he tries not to laugh.

After his trick fails, he gives the phone to my mother.

A few minutes later, he gets back on the phone with me.

If you wanna go to Target, you can get hot dogs, smoothies–I don’t know what are smoothies but I call them smoothies, soda, cherry soda–I love cherry soda– (he adds in a voice that makes him sound like he’s shivering. He must really love cherry soda)– Are you sleepy?

“No. Are you?”

Not really. When I grow up, I wanna be a manager! No, not a manager! I wanna be a security–when someone’s being really bad, I wanna be a security!! I’ll get a house. And BB’s won’t  be here (the diner where my parents work) I’ll turn it into a CAR STORE! I’ll sell lots of cars! And I’ll have a hot rod with a boost! It’ll only go off when I’m in trouble. Sam?

Where are you?




“I love you, Sam!”

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So, I think I’m being really mean to my story. I keep talking about it behind its back, saying it’s inadequate and stupid and never will be good. So I’m just rushing through it. I filled a page with line after line of dialogue last night. I’m a cheater! Why did I start the thing if I’m just going to rush through it? Why would I waste my time on something I don’t like? I’ve decided it’s all my fault. I can make it into something I really like. I liked it in the beginning, so what happened? I got bored and lazy. I will never be a good writer if I do this.

My characters went to a bed and breakfast last night, had a little chat, went to sleep and left the next morning. I had a little explanation of what the room looked like, but that’s it! The owners were up late and checked them in, but they had no faces in my imagination.

While I laid in bed, trying to sleep, I began to think: there’s not enough of anything–not enough excitement, not enough humor, not enough characters. I will stop for a little while and build up my characters’ history, create new ones, and do some research. I can’t finish the story without all of this!!

I love to research. When I look things up I always get new ideas. And I think creating some new characters will be exciting. I am still just starting out! I will do some character building in my next post.

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It’s been a crazy year! The next one will be crazier, I think, and I’m really looking forward to it. The past two years in particular were big turning points in my life. My first apartment with my boyfriend and all the first holidays. I was engaged on Valentine’s Day ’09, we went on our first road trip together, seen our first Broadway musical (Chicago and it was awesome) and I cooked my first Thanksgiving turkey, too.

I’m not going to a party or a bar tonight, just a quiet family gathering. I hadn’t realized until now, just how much I did this past year. I guess that’s why we make these milestones as humans, or else we’d lose track of what’s important.

I have a lot to look forward to for tomorrow.

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