My fiance and I watched “He’s Just Not That Into You” last night and loved it. But he mentioned that, other than their love lives, they haven’t a care in the world. Yes, I know Jennifer Aniston’s father got sick. I’m talking about money. They all have great jobs and are conveniently rich enough to live in nice apartments, renovate, and plan weddings on the fly so they have more time to focus on other things, like how unhappy they are with the beautiful people they’re with.

I know it’s not easy to find a good job after school. I’m moving to a whole different state and hoping for new opportunities.  Where are the real people in movies nowadays?

It goes from priveleged college students that party like crazy to the rich, young businesspeople. Or I can watch an inspirational film about a rags to riches college student, or a druggie that kicks the habit and is now ceo of their own business.

I want a happy medium! I demand it!!!!


First-line Prompt

I took this prompt from Desiree St. Duran’s blog Enchanted Literature. Click and check out her blog!

First line is in bold– taken from: Dodie Smith, I Capture the Castle (1948)

 I write this sitting in the kitchen sink. In a memory of bubbles and sunlight. To the music of a faucet beat drip drip dripping.

I write this on my way to to school. In a memory of hopscotch and jump ropes. To the music of my maryjanes skip skip skipping.

I write this in my cubicle. In a memory of youth and dreams. To the music of my aspirations slip slip slipping.

Boy, that’s pretty sad and depressing! But I like it anyway!

Write a poem about your favorite fruit!

I got the idea from this post by smcallister.wordpress.com.

Here’s mine!


Pattern scattered on a dress

or flowing fair in open fields.

Pretty woman paired champagne

and threw away your green leaves.

Chocolate drizzle red and sweet,

right to the seeds stuck in your teeth.

I wrote it fast, but it was fun! Please try it and post it to your blog. Just leave a comment (if you want) with the permalink to your post so I (and everyone else) can read and comment!

Her Morning Elegance

by Oren Lavie–

What a fun video to watch. I’ve never seen anything like it!

In college, I took a creative writing course. Aside from having my work critiqued, my favorite part was doing writing exercises. One I liked in particular: my professor had the class come up with100 words and write each one on an index card. I found the exercise online because I couldn’t remember the exact details. I took it from this website: https://fc.usd497.org/~tmartin/— it’s a public school website. Just click on Creative Writing and look around. That Ms. Martin’s pretty cool!

Here’s the exercise:




>16 words of TASTE

>16 words of TOUCH

>16 words of SIGHT

>16 words of SMELL

>16 words of HEARING

>10 words of MOTION

>3 abstractions (like love or truth)

>7 anything else words

ALL words on the list must:

*have significance to/for you

*be specific; that is, the word must not be “bird” but “robin,” not “tree” but “aspen”.

*sound good to your ear.

Use no adverbs.  Use no plurals

Then use the cards when you want to start something new, get stuck, or anything else. Spread them out on the floor! Throw them up in the air and use the ones that are face-up! Use your imagination.

After the exercise, my professor told us to write a short scene using some of our words. I came up with something that I think I’ll use in the future for another novel. It’s amazing what our brains can do if they just get a little push!

I would love to hear your feedback…

Writing is…going fine. Everytime I start writing I think about other stories I could be working on and I only get little spurts of chapters out. Actually, I haven’t even broken the novel into chapters, yet. I’m sure that when I start my next novel I’ll do the same thing. I guess I’ll just have to get used to it!

Music really helps to inspire me to write. I make playlists on youtube (music no one likes but me!) and I listen to them everyday to get me “in the mood.” I shut the blinds, turn off all the lights, and burn some candles…no, I don’t do any of that. But I do listen on youtube and sit on the loveseat in my living room, and type away on my laptop. Some people need to sit in a certain chair in a certain room, facing the window and away from the door, for good chi. I can write anywhere, really. Well, type. I have a journal I write my dreams in and little poems when I get ideas, otherwise I type because my hand would kill me writing whole novels.

What inspires you? Where is your favorite place to write?

I’ve just finished Julie & Julia (the movie) and I loved it! What an inspiration! And I was delighted to see that Julie Powell’s blog is still up (though not running). I guess it’s a good reason to keep going with a blog even though you’re not sure who, if anyone, is really reading or caring about it.