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So, I think I’m being really mean to my story. I keep talking about it behind its back, saying it’s inadequate and stupid and never will be good. So I’m just rushing through it. I filled a page with line after line of dialogue last night. I’m a cheater! Why did I start the thing if I’m just going to rush through it? Why would I waste my time on something I don’t like? I’ve decided it’s all my fault. I can make it into something I really like. I liked it in the beginning, so what happened? I got bored and lazy. I will never be a good writer if I do this.

My characters went to a bed and breakfast last night, had a little chat, went to sleep and left the next morning. I had a little explanation of what the room looked like, but that’s it! The owners were up late and checked them in, but they had no faces in my imagination.

While I laid in bed, trying to sleep, I began to think: there’s not enough of anything–not enough excitement, not enough humor, not enough characters. I will stop for a little while and build up my characters’ history, create new ones, and do some research. I can’t finish the story without all of this!!

I love to research. When I look things up I always get new ideas. And I think creating some new characters will be exciting. I am still just starting out! I will do some character building in my next post.


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In college, I took a creative writing course. Aside from having my work critiqued, my favorite part was doing writing exercises. One I liked in particular: my professor had the class come up with100 words and write each one on an index card. I found the exercise online because I couldn’t remember the exact details. I took it from this website: https://fc.usd497.org/~tmartin/— it’s a public school website. Just click on Creative Writing and look around. That Ms. Martin’s pretty cool!

Here’s the exercise:




>16 words of TASTE

>16 words of TOUCH

>16 words of SIGHT

>16 words of SMELL

>16 words of HEARING

>10 words of MOTION

>3 abstractions (like love or truth)

>7 anything else words

ALL words on the list must:

*have significance to/for you

*be specific; that is, the word must not be “bird” but “robin,” not “tree” but “aspen”.

*sound good to your ear.

Use no adverbs.  Use no plurals

Then use the cards when you want to start something new, get stuck, or anything else. Spread them out on the floor! Throw them up in the air and use the ones that are face-up! Use your imagination.

After the exercise, my professor told us to write a short scene using some of our words. I came up with something that I think I’ll use in the future for another novel. It’s amazing what our brains can do if they just get a little push!

I would love to hear your feedback…

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Writing is…going fine. Everytime I start writing I think about other stories I could be working on and I only get little spurts of chapters out. Actually, I haven’t even broken the novel into chapters, yet. I’m sure that when I start my next novel I’ll do the same thing. I guess I’ll just have to get used to it!

Music really helps to inspire me to write. I make playlists on youtube (music no one likes but me!) and I listen to them everyday to get me “in the mood.” I shut the blinds, turn off all the lights, and burn some candles…no, I don’t do any of that. But I do listen on youtube and sit on the loveseat in my living room, and type away on my laptop. Some people need to sit in a certain chair in a certain room, facing the window and away from the door, for good chi. I can write anywhere, really. Well, type. I have a journal I write my dreams in and little poems when I get ideas, otherwise I type because my hand would kill me writing whole novels.

What inspires you? Where is your favorite place to write?

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Finish the present novel by the end of January and start and finish the next by the end of the year! Can I do it?

I don’t have a title for my novel-I call it “treasure chicks” in my head because it’s about two chicks that go treasure hunting on an island. 38,023 words and counting! Nanowrimo’s goal is 50,000 or more, but I’ll be happy to get to 50,000 finished or not.

My treasure chicks are Evie and Nancy: two thirty-something best friends searching for treasure on an (fictional) island near Savannah, Ga. Luna Island was left to Evie after her grandfather’s death, and she found a treaure map and a journal left by her grandmother. Nancy goes along with her and Evie convinces her that they’ll be rich. Nancy is a wild child at heart and likes men, while Evie is the more motherly type. It’s my idea of a thin storyline but we all have to start somewhere!

Nanowrimo posted some videos with challenges–one was to write a dream sequence in the novel including, King Tut, King Henry VIII, and King Kong. I wrote one because I needed all the help I could get! Here it is for your enjoyment:

 “What the hell’s going on here?” Nancy asked loudly to the moon, pounding on the giant, furry hand around her waist. She screamed and kicked her legs when she came to the realization that a giant gorilla was walking across the ocean from Tybee to Luna Island under the cover of a starry night. She thought it was odd that he didn’t need a boat, but he was King Kong so she guessed it made sense. Just then, Alonso, dressed like King Henry VIII, jumped down from a tree, and professed his undying love for Nancy. He pulled a sword from a sheath on his belt.

            “Unhand that fair maiden!” he called to King Kong, in an Italian accent.

            “She’s my maiden!” and unknown voice called from the darkness.

            Nancy turned her head, whipping her flowing, red locks in King Kong’s face, to see Mark in full King Tut garb, complete with beer gut. Looking down, she saw that she had on a gleaming white dress, and one glass slipper. The other must have fallen into the water.

            “I am the king, put down the girl,” he said, pointing to his chest and then the ground. He took a swig from a beer can with his free hand, beer dripping onto his bare chest.

            “Oh my god!” Nancy groaned. “That is so gross! Put me down!” 

            She continued beating her fists to no avail, until Alonso ran into the water, slashing at King Kong’s legs with his sword.

            “Get him!” Mark called out. “Yeah!”

            Alonso managed to get King Kong to loosen his grip, but he wasn’t fast enough to catch Nancy and she slipped into the ocean, far from Alonso’s reach. Her head dipped under the water and when she swam to the surface, King Henry, King Tut, and King Kong were nowhere to be found. She couldn’t see the shore on either side and all was very quiet. Even with the moon and stars to guide her, she wasn’t sure in which direction to swim. Her arms and legs grew tired of treading and her long dress didn’t make things easier. Her stomach ached from the pressure of King Kong’s hand. Salty water slipped into her lungs and she went under, falling to the ocean floor.


I might cut it out in the end or I might not. Is it funny or silly?

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Writing my novel…

Nanowrimo has been over for almost a month now, and I’m still not finished with my novel. When I’m not writing it nags at the back of my mind “finish me!” And not like a story that plays itself out in your mind like a preview for a movie, but just “get it over with!” I’ll be proud when it’s finished but I won’t expect to get it published!

After this silly one, I’ll go on to one that I’m more passionate about. I don’t think I’ll finish it within 3 months the way the present novel is going, but it will be better. Nanowrimo really helped me write out more than half a novel in a month, but it’s not quality material! I think once I finish the novel, I will be more confident when I start writing the next one.

The next one I’ll work on is one from an idea I’ve had since senior year in college. It’s  sci-fi with the kind of hero that I feel is seldom if ever used. I had just about 15 pages in college but I think I’ll start from scratch and write a lot of background notes and history for the story.

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