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I went to the movies today and saw Avatar in 3D. The movie was so incredibly beautiful. Everyone likes stuff that glows in the dark, and all the plants and flowers in Pandora glowed in the dark. Can’t you remember holding stuff under the lamp and then turning off all the lights and watching it glow? I’m wearing glow in the dark nail polish right now!

The storyline brought Pocahontas to mind. I’ve seen the Disney version and The New World-that’s the extent of my Pocahontas knowledge. But I did learn in school that John Smith exagerrated on his story.

John¬†Smith¬†goes to the indigenous folk, Pocahontas teaches him their language,all about her people, how important the land and animals are, and they fall in love. She even protects him when her people want to kill him! Anyways, the story was good, but that’s not what really made the movie in my opinion, it was the quality of the cgi, the explosions, robots, and flying ships, the acting, and the imagination of James Cameron.

Am I the only one who thought of Pocahontas?


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