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Not really. But I think it’s my best poem. I wrote it about two years ago in college, the first poem I wrote for poetry class.  I like to rhyme and I like to be whimsical. I guess that’s how I’d describe my poetry style. Fiction is a bit different. Right now, I’m going for a dark, gothic fantasy–we’ll see how it goes.

How would you describe your personal style?

Here’s my poem–


Crumpled, mottled, much besottled,

his one good leg is weak and wobbled.

On vehicles of air and swings and plastic metal rods and things.

Treasure finding x-ing punning shoving falling crying running .

Elements of ice cream candy and perhaps a sneak of brandy

Applebeard has found the golden popcorn Lego chest of olden!

He ran inside to tell the ‘rents to hurry! Set up the quarter tents!

And for his amazing ‘gents a feast of grating elegance.

Though his mother clasped and begged, captain and crew ordered tartlet dregs

And turkey legs to fly.

But this is moshing through the mire, and after which, they shall retire.

Applebeard, before he fell flat, sneered at all who dared to leer at,

Replaced the honored, tricorne hat and tossed his leg into the fire.


I forgot to mention that this poem is published in the 2008/2009 edition of “The Reflector,” they Shippensburg University literary journal. The same journal in which Dean Koontz was published  back in the 60s!


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